Get in Free to All National Parks

This weekend the National Park Service turns 100 years old. To celebrate the milestone everyone will GET IN FREE to all 400+ National Parks!! This is very, very cool. Now a few parks are free already, but many charge at least a $3 “entrance” or “transportation/parking” fee. But not this weekend. So click through and find the closest place to you.

Get in Free NPS MapWhile the century celebration has been a full year party for the NPS, this weekend is especially nifty as August 25th it is THE day that President Woodrow Wilson signed the paperwork to make the NPS a legit federal service, back in 1916. What an awesome thing. So this “fee-free day” is actually 3 days long.

More Get In Free Days to Come

While there have been fee-free days earlier this year, there are two more upcoming days in 2016, though they are legitimately just a single day each:

  1. September 24th – in coordination with National Public Lands Day
  2. November 11th – in honor of Veterans Day

I love how the NPS markets all of their protected lands and memorials as ‘America’s Best Idea’. I agree, it is that important. I hope everyone gets out, enjoys and celebrates how wonderful it is to live in a place that has things like the National Park System.

If you aren’t able to get out this weekend or just live too far from any of the 124 parks that are waiving their fees, you can follow the hashtag #findyourpark on all the social media channels. I know that’s one conversation I want to join this weekend. The NPS is also active on Twitter and Facebook, if those are places you hang out online.

So how about it – are you going to get out and take advantage of the fee-free park days this weekend?