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The people who make up the outdoor and adventure travel communities are the absolute best. They know how to have fun and relax all while keeping their eyes on what is truly important. The list below is by no means exhaustive, but it’s a rundown of the people and groups that we follow, interact with or are just huge fans of. We think you’d like them too. So check them out. Whether it’s by publishing books, organizing hikes or sharing information these partners and friends add up to make the trails and safer and better place.


Adventure Publications

One of the smartest nature and outdoor publishers in the US is Adventure Publications. They are known for the bird guides and children’s books. But their “finders”, “appreciation guides” and regional books are just as cool. They have so much solid information about the wildlife in your backyard to the deepest protected woods in the upper midwest, that it’s guaranteed to inspire you and your family to get outdoors and explore.

American Hiking Society

The American Hiking Society is a Maryland-based non-profit dedicated to preserving trails, the areas that surround them and the hiking experience. It was founded in 1976. They exist for one purpose – to get more people outdoors and hiking. That’s a cause we can get behind.


Appalachian Trail Conservancy

The Appalachian Trail Conservancy is on a mission: to ensure the AT’s “natural beauty and priceless cultural heritage can be shared and enjoyed today, tomorrow, and for centuries to come”. It doesn’t get much clearer or note worthy than that. Their dedication to preservation, trail events and education makes them a valuable cornerstone to the outdoor community. You should check them out and consider joining.

Conservation Alliance

Since 1989, The Conservation Alliance has been working hard to protect many of the nation’s natural wonders. They don’t just work to maintain and keep things pristine. They also work hard to keep access open to key places around the country. The Conservation Alliance is a network of businesses that care. Care enough to pool their money each year and pay out millions to protect lands for others to enjoy and explore.

Menasha Ridge Press

Menasha Ridge Press has been a leading independent book publisher since 1982. Covering the outdoors, wilderness sport, wildlife, cooking, history, dining, and travel worldwide, the award-winning, best-selling books and series produced by Menasha Ridge Press are widely recognized for their innovation, authority, and scrupulous attention to detail. And though we’re serious about good books, we also believe a good book knows how to have fun. After all, we love what we do, and we think you will, too.

Pacific Crest Trail Association

The Pacific Crest Trail Association is a fantastic group of folks working hard to preserve the PCT as well as educate hikers about all of the trail opportunities out West. They have a dedication to work projects and trail maintenance like no other group. It’s amazing what a well oiled machine like the PCTA can do. You should check them out and consider joining. We’re big fans of the PCTA.

Wilderness Press

Publishing the most comprehensive outdoor hiking books and maps for 40 years, Wilderness Press is a leader in the adventure publishing space. Their books on the Pacific Crest Trail are the very books that inspired Cheryl Strayed to hit the trail in Wild. Their focus on details for all of their Pacific Northwest and urban walking guides is an example of why we love their content and love to promote them.




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