Creating a Fall Trip Calendar

Our post from earlier this week about the fee-free weekend at all of the National Parks got me thinking – what else is coming up this year? I have never tried to pre-plan with any kind of a trip calendar. I usually pick up on upcoming events and celebrations from a variety of online sites and bloggers. I then quickly react to the ones that are a good fit for me and my family. This is often too rushed and causes stress, not just for the kids who are thrown in the car at the last minute, but us grownups as well. I am not sure if I have ever pulled out of the driveway without that “Did I forget something? I think I forgot something” feeling.

Trip Calendar
As long as there are a few rocks to climb on the trip calendar, the Kiddos are happy.

So I am going to get a jump on things this time. I’m going to list some of the sites and resources that I check on a regular basis to see what’s going on and to get ideas for quick trips with the family. Maybe it’ll be helpful for someone else. Please share if you are aware of a service or site that I’m missing.

Upcoming Events and Dates – Fall Trip Calendar

So here are a few dates and sources of event feeds that I may consult as I put together my calendar. In a perfect world, we’d make all of them. But with school, basketball games, volleyball practices, piano lessons, etc. it won’t happen. A family can dream though, right? So please add anything, preferably nation-wide that we could join in on.

Full National Park Service Event Feed

Full Appalachian Trail Conservancy Event Feed

Full Pacific Crest Trail Association Event Feed

Full List of Environmental Days Feed on Wikipedia – you can pretty much celebrate something every day

National Garden for Wildlife Month – held every year in May

Great American Campout – held every year in June

National Trails Day – held every year in June

National Park & Rec Month – held every year in July


I really don’t have any criteria for what will make my calendar (I’m sure yours would be different as well) but I hope to list as many kid-level events as I can. One thing I am seeing resonate with the Kiddos is when they realize outdoor fun and camping out isn’t just an ‘us’ things. Their friends get out too. They meet kids their own ages at the parks. It can be as much about the outdoor community as the great outdoors itself.

Is this something you already do? Is there a better way?