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Hiking_uphill_225x300WHO WE ARE

We are a group of hikers, bikers, campers, paddlers, and walkers on a mission – to get your family off the couch and get them outdoors. Most everyone involved with Family Fun Outdoors works in the outdoor industry in some capacity. Whether they’re guide book authors, park rangers, map makers or addicted to adventure planning, each person has seen first hand the power and importance of spending time in the great outdoors.



Upcoming generations are plagued with handicaps like childhood obesity, allergies and other ailments that can be alleviated by time spent outdoors. Plus, the outdoors is just plain FUN!

But, it’s not easy. The siren call of the screen (iPad, Xbox, Nintendo, Cartoon Network, etc.) is strong. So how do we get our kids motivated? How do we motivate ourselves and keep from throwing in the towel? How do we make sure the lessons learned out under the trees and in the sun add up to a formative life that is FUN?

These are the questions and conversations we hope to having here on Family Fun Outdoors and the larger outdoors community. We hope to help you become more active and help you get your family and friends to hike along with you.

If you ever have any questions, ideas, or comments, please drop us a note any time.

Safe travels.

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